2 thoughts on “Little Giant 3 Gallon Poultry Waterer 7906”

  1. Little Giant 3 Gallon Poultry Waterer Without fully reading the product description, I thought it was a hanging waterer, not so, my fault. Using the item as intended I filled it with water and proceeded to the chicken house carrying it by the handle to put it in service. I got about half way there and the bottom fell of the container. Had to refill the waterer again, proceeded to the chicken house, carrying the waterer upside down until I got to the area where it was to be place. Put the waterer in service and thought all was good, no go, the water did not flow from the container into the water tray, the birds, again were with out water. Personally I think this item is a bummer.

  2. The one star says it all but I feel the need to vent – I HATE IT. I’ll admit I read all the other bad reviews and just assumed “user error”. We all know what “assumed” makes me don’t we? Now going on the premise that I was warned and it’s completely my fault for not listening to my brothers and sisters at Amazon – listen to this! I just soaked my entire freshly hayed hen house during cold, freezing weather – again probably somewhat my fault for shaking the waterer to see why there wasn’t water coming out the feeder holes. This despicable waterer dumped its bottom out. I cleaned up their hay, had to pet and talk to Hannah Hen for a bit as she was engulfed in the wave and then took that POS waterer up to the house, washed it, refilled – carefully put the little tabs where they are supposed to go, attempted to turn it right side up and it dumped all over the front of my coat, pants and INSIDE MY BOOTS! I was in no way adventurous with this thing – you can’t be careful enough to make it work reliably. I HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT! It’s now dead as I…

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